Thursday, January 8, 2015

Someone has an alternate interpretation of that god damn "blue bird circled the house" phrase, it has been added to the T/N of that chapter.

I might be a bit slow on the next chapter since I (stupidly) agreed to help out to TL the VRMMO ossan manga.  Now sure how it will goes, but I'll try to keep the schedule the same.  The other pages will have to be worked on later ><


  1. I hope I speak for all your avid fans when I say we understand your predicament, and eagerly await whatever you manage to throw our way.

    Even if we do cry a little at the thought of delayed translations :D

    Many Bothans died to bring you this message.

  2. On the one hand, dealy of EC is to be regrettable.

    On the other hand, VRMMO Ossan is a good series.

    Well worth the wait, I calculate~

  3. I know a site where they are translating the webnovel, try talking to him.


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