Thursday, August 20, 2015

Volume 3 - Chapter 11 - A Light in the Dark / Hope (Down)

Previously on EC…

Kun proposed a method of treatment for the Princess, which Bell helped refine. Kun and Rick left the fort soon after as the Princess needed to be nude for Till to manage the physical symptoms while the Princess proceeds with the treatment. The duo has a little chat on the trees, shortly joined by demihumans and Gui whom all had some protein bars (I was so tempted to T/N in on the previous chapter xP). Unfortunately, the outside forces managed to break into the fort, forcing the Princess and her retinue to flee. In the process, one of the Princess’ guard recognized one of the demihumans, causing them to go slackjawed. Due to the result of the Princess glowing like a beacon, it attracted all the fighters on the surface while they were evacuating, forcing the touching reunion to be delayed. At some point, Kun and Gui disappeared in the midst of the evacuation, and are now harassing the scouts from the other forces with fire that tries to facehug them.

“Form up! We are going to help the Emissary!” The leader of the guard draws her weapon and points toward the chaotic fires weaving throughout the line of trees.