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Special Thanks

I know this is usually at the bottom or somewhere out of the way, that's why I'm putting it on top to make people at least know of their names :P

AnmesicCat from for helping to get this site up and running.
Ishman (servant of the Big, Fat, Cat, not the one above of course)for being my primary editor.
Members from Re:Translations who tries to help with some of the puns and whatnot.
Various anons and non-anons that helped with the editing.

EC - The First Generation


The series mostly follow a party of four in their adventure in a system which the manufacturer called Total Immersion Entertainment System (TIES) in the distant future (something like a VR game). Earth underwent a new form of apocalyptic disaster known as the Aurora events. In combination with the lack of fossil fuels, the "modern" world ended and had started anew with a different emphasis on the dominating technologies.

This series can be classified as Seinen, Adventure, Tragedy (although one can just argue it's technically slice of life :P there will be deaths, actually starts with one), Sci-fi and Comedy (slapstick-ish).

Some help with characters since some people couldn't tell how old they from my choice of words to describe them.
Bell - Woman (Young-ish)
Kun - Young Adult
Rick - Older Teen(Youth)/Almost Young Adult
Till - tween/young teenager

Volume 1

Prologue 1 - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
Prologue 2 - Re-Quest
Prologue 3 - From Hero, to Zero, to a God
Chapter 1 - Zinnia Academy
Chapter 2 - First train, then teach, when teaching, be trained
Chapter 3 - Blessing in Disguise
Chapter 4 - It's never too late for revenge
Chapter 5 - Incognito as Shadow
Chapter 6 - Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 7 - The Calm before the Storm
Chapter 8 - Instigate
Chapter 9 - Isolate
Chapter 10 - Unexpected Visit
Chapter 11 - A bolt from the blue
Chapter 12 - Failure/Success
Chapter 13 - Success/Failure
Chapter 14 - Surprise
Chapter 15 - Unexpected Outcome
Chapter 16 - Kill
Chapter 17 - Posterity
Chapter 18 - Posterity 2
Chapter 19 - Posterity 3
Side Story 1- Sidestory 1

Volume 2

Chapter 1 - A Helping Hand
Chapter 2 - EC?
Chapter 3 - Expansion
Chapter 4 - Advancement
Chapter 5 - Country
Chapter 6 - Preparations
Chapter 7 - Small Separations
Chapter 8 - Trial and Tribulation (First/Up)
Chapter 9 - Trial and Tribulation (Middle)
Chapter 10 - Trial and Tribulation (Last/Down)
Chapter 11 - Avenger
Chapter 12 - Legends Untold, Legends Unknown
Chapter 13 - An Unexpected Show (Up)
Chapter 14 - An Unexpected Show (Down)
Chapter 15 - Mustering
Chapter 16 - To Norman Kingdom
Chapter 17 - Tall trees are vulnerable to gale
Side Story 2 - Side Story 2

Volume 3

Chapter 1 - Poison
Chapter 2 - Traumas
Chapter 3 - To Advance Further
Chapter 4 - The Value of a Question
Chapter 5 (April Fool edition) - Oops
Chapter 5 - Oops!
Chapter 6 - Opportunities in Chaos (Up)
Chapter 7 - Opportunities in Chaos (Middle)
Chapter 8 - Opportunities in Chaos (Down)
Chapter 9 - Circumstances of the 1st Princess
Chapter 10 - A light in the dark / Hope (Up)
Chapter 11 - A light in the dark / Hope (Down)
Chapter 12 - New Beginnings (Up)
Chapter 13 - New Beginnings (Middle)
Chapter 14 - New Beginnings (Down)
Chapter 15 - Surprise, Surprise, Surprise
Chapter 16 - Prelude to the Grand Opening
Chapter 17 - School Fair
Chapter 18 - Foreshadow of
Chapter 19 - Titled Withheld (Up)

Map - Indefinitely stalled until I can solve the RAM issue or find another way to reproduce it.

Volume 4

Chapter 1 - Titled Withheld (Middle)
Chapter 2 - Titled Withheld (Down)

Great Merchant - Dao Ming

Prologue 1 - Prologue 1
Prologue 2 - Prologue 2
Prologue 3 - Prologue 3
Prologue 4 - Prologue 4

Childhood Arc - Cursed Child, Beloved Child

Chapter 1 - Chapter 1
Chapter 2 - Chapter 2
Chapter 3 - Chapter 3
Chapter 4 - Chapter 4
Chapter 5 - Chapter 5

Interlude 1 - Interlude 1

Youth Arc - Disciple of Parvati, Disciple of Bhaisajyaguru

Chapter 1 - Chapter 6
Chapter 2 - Chapter 7
Chapter 3 - Chapter 8
Chapter 4 - Chapter 9
Chapter 5 - Chapter 10


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    2. I didn't thought it would be so much trouble. BT provides a good interface though. And solution for your server problem. May be you can join with some other group? There are some who just post on google docs. At your convenience though.

    3. It was originally on google docs, I'd moved it to a blog because people for some reason have trouble loading the docs there (especially with tablets, tried it myself). It was annoying enough that someone had put it on a blog of their own, so I might as well make one of my own instead.

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  12. i don't know why but i can't find the name of this LN here? i might be overlooking, like seriously but please someone tell me the name!! please....

  13. ok my bad, the name is EC (web novel)

  14. sorry but i would limit my posts and questions to this one post
    1. what LN is this whose link u gave here
    2. what is the status of Souen no Historia? there are 24 chapters here. so did u complete the first volume? also are u translating the LN or the WN?
    lastly, THANK YOU SO MUCH TRANSLATORS, your hard voluntary work makes it possible to read all these wonderful stories. thank you so very much.

    1. That's the epub version for mobile devices done by one of the reader (Yuki).

      Souen is done by Endo, but real life is steamrolling him like the rest of us, to the point that there haven't been any Ari for a while.

      Quite a few of us do it cause we want to share the amazing stories, although it's becoming murky with all the for-pay translations. Summer is coming around the corner, so I'm not sure if there will be more releases cause TLers in school will have more time to TL, or there will be less releases cause TLers take vacations~ Enjoy nevertheless~

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  17. When you say seinen what exactly do you mean? Is this wn mature in the gore or sexual department?

    1. Both, when it goes seinen, it can go pretty deep and out of the blue. I usually put a warning that the chapter contains seinen content. I won't put in the reasons, just a general rating like seen in TV/Movie ratings, to prevent potential spoilers.

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  19. Just posting this comment with the links for the 4 chapters of Great Merchant that immediately follow the prequel since they're not in the TOC yet (so other people don't have to go digging for them).
    GM 01
    GM 02
    GM 03
    GM 04

    1. Thanks... I keep forgetting to update the ToC... >.<

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