Thursday, May 7, 2015


Kinda went on a PC fixing and building spree, and the MUD-esque game known as battlearena on Irc didn't help with my productivity (especially since my time spent tutoring increased due to midterms). I've no excuses, got majorly distracted (still distracted even now >.<), sorry. Nothing much to say other than enjoy the newest chapter. I won't promise anything about the next chapter since I can't trust myself at this time, even though it's sitting at about 70% done right now ><

Volume 3 - Chapter 7 - Opportunities in Chaos (Middle)

“Retreat, retreat!” A blonde middle-aged man in muddied, fineries stands at the ready with his sword as he directs various men and elves alike to a place behind him, acting as the rear guard. A finely dressed swordsman is being dragged up by two men who are fleeing as well.

“Sir, the Republicans are fleeing!” An elven archer reports while holding his left shoulder, his left arm dangling.