Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy 1st Anniversay re:translations~

Enjoy the mass release of stuff folks~

I have removed the Donation options for the time being since I feel like I don't work enough at the moment to be receiving any. Thanks for the wellwishes and so forth, it's appreciated and especially the case of beer, it's very appreciated J.P! Dragon Stout <3 nbsp="" p="">I've recharged somewhat through the power of cuteness, nomnoms and fluffy doge (really fluffy doge), will see if I can get back onto a 1 chap/wk rhythm during the next few weeks. I'm no Ren or a rabid Ferret or the 35th WoollyHornyLongEars and similar TLers, so I can't ever hope to do 1/day even though it's summer and the kids are easier to handle. In short, I can't physically do it.

Also, I've finally added a little summary about the previous chapter in the new post, it will probably become a standard moving forward since it helps refresh people's memory since my posts are relatively far apart. You can thank Ishman for that.

Oh right, I "might" be helping someone do a diction, so someone might be joining me here for another series. Will see how it goes, see you all next time. o/

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Volume 3 - Chapter 9 - The Circumstances of the 1st Princess

Previously on EC…

The quartet went tunnel hunting and succeeded, allowing Dosnak to scout the interior in his slime form. The group also attacked a camp in the middle of the night, forcing them to run into the defenders at the underground entrance, setting off a domino effect in which the different camps set off to do battle. After their success, Bell volunteered to act as bait and entered from the front entrance alone, causing chaos as the defenders tries to chase her down while the others tries to rush in lest they miss their chance. After exploding the small hole they used for the slime scouting, Bell redirected the debris from below, keeping the new tunnel clear. As Rick and Till emerge from the dust, the youth exclaims at the female elf leading the group of guards that’s confronting them.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Life is harsh, Justice is expensive.

Sorry folks, I didn't abandon you all, just real life taking its toll on me. One of the thing that I do is provide translations for medical procedures and the like since I have the background and the ability to do so (as in I go with would-be patients as their interpreter). I haven't done that in an official capacity for a very long time, but I was asked to do so for some family friends. This was on top of some family dispute at the time, needless to say, I wasn't in the mood to do, well, anything. That's why I wasn't even on IRC for the past two weeks+.

Recently, I learned that one of my relative died as a result of two doctors fucking up. I had to seek legal advice (we can sue for wrongful death, but the case is tricky and can easily cost $40k+, this is on top of the fact that the widow of the family is supporting her family alone, so it isn't something that's to be decided lightly) and had to deal with some agencies in regards to this, this is on top of consultation with the rest of the family. So, yeah, that's why I've been silent. I couldn't really make a post until recently since I was either too busy, too worn out or too angry. At one point I was only at home for less than 2 hours over 3 days and my old smartphone died quite a while ago, so no internet.

All work and no play makes Sumguy a Scaryguy, so I will see about destressing myself before continuing any TL/help out elsewhere. The chapter was mostly finished before I got trainwrecked, so I finally managed to get some time and get it edited with Ishman. If there's any errors, let me know, cause we were both tired when we did it.

Thank you for your patiences and thanks to those that emailed me to check up on me, I didn't reply to them for the above stated reasons.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Volume 3 - Chapter 8 - Opportunities in Chaos (Down)

“NYAAH! NYYAAAHHHAHAHAAHA! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Bell rolls around on top of Sammy, clutching her sides as her laughter booms above the canopy.

“It isn’t what it looks like!” Rick protests as he wipes fruitlessly at his trousers, a wet splotch visible on his pelvis with a water trail leading to the left leg of the pants.

“Is Rick-ni afraid of heights~?” Till subtly moves away from the blond youth as she tries to suppress her giggles.

“Give me a sec, Rick.” Kun cracks a knowing smile as he enjoys the casual teasing before reaching for his right ear. “Gui, ask one of the demihumans to go through the green pack with the triple butterfly knot and get a pair of trousers for Rick.” Kun is well aware that it’s impossible for someone to urinate in the game even if they want to, since Gui tried that days earlier, so it means that the wet spot definitely isn’t a result of Rick pissing his pants from fear.