Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy 1st Anniversay re:translations~

Enjoy the mass release of stuff folks~

I have removed the Donation options for the time being since I feel like I don't work enough at the moment to be receiving any. Thanks for the wellwishes and so forth, it's appreciated and especially the case of beer, it's very appreciated J.P! Dragon Stout <3 nbsp="" p="">I've recharged somewhat through the power of cuteness, nomnoms and fluffy doge (really fluffy doge), will see if I can get back onto a 1 chap/wk rhythm during the next few weeks. I'm no Ren or a rabid Ferret or the 35th WoollyHornyLongEars and similar TLers, so I can't ever hope to do 1/day even though it's summer and the kids are easier to handle. In short, I can't physically do it.

Also, I've finally added a little summary about the previous chapter in the new post, it will probably become a standard moving forward since it helps refresh people's memory since my posts are relatively far apart. You can thank Ishman for that.

Oh right, I "might" be helping someone do a diction, so someone might be joining me here for another series. Will see how it goes, see you all next time. o/

Edited: Blogger misread a line and turned it into a pseudo code, oops, fixed now~

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