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Great Merchant - Dao Ming (Chapter 4 - Cursed Child, Beloved Child 4)

Chapter 4

Previously on Dao Ming…

The Chief returns with his eldest son, bringing with them a slave merchant. They intended to sell the orphans due to the epidemic, but Ming’s action completely destroyed their plan, putting them in a bind. They conspire to sell off Ming and his parents in order to cover their asses, not knowing that Tong was spying on them. As a result, Tong renounced his surname and left the manor.

A mud brick hut inside the village



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Volume 3 - Chapter 18 - Foreshadow of

Previously on EC…

Atonement shows up, escorting on behalf of the Sardonians, to the Academy as the school term is starting. Admission took place, where the Sardonian Prince took care of a small incident. The admission was followed by a quickly put-together exhibition to show off the Academy’s offerings, including food and martial demonstrations. The reward from the Sardonian King in regards to the incident with the two guilds quietly arrived at the smithy. After the festivity, Till was left to deal with the wrap up, before her adopted siblings ask for festivity to be annual thing, while she coyly agrees to.

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Gdi, I goofed, I goofed hard (and a short message from the author of Dao Ming)

I just realized... I've used the wrong pronunciation for 唐. We know the character as "Tang" cause I'm used to reading the chinese series that we see translated, where mandarin is 100% of it. This is written with cantonese pronunciation, so his name is technically "Tong".

The good news is that this word, should any wordplay come up, is the same regardless of which dialect it's used in, so no problem should arise. Since his name is already established, I'm not sure if I should go back and change it to Tong, or just keep it as Tang. This was a really stupid screw up, I apologize m(_ _)m

On another note, here's a short message from "The Damned Bugger" (until he can decide on a pen name). All the things in bracket is from me xP

Hello hello, I thank you for all the kind messages, it helps! I am get cursed at by HakSumguy a lot due to my puns, but it's just my specialty! Hahaha! If there's any suggestions or something you want to see in the story, just leave a message on the latest chapter posted here or an email to the bastard. I will try to read them once before I send the newest chapter to HakSumguy to TL, he still have 2 chapters left (1 chapter left now, okay!? - Sumguy) to TL, so burn him if he doesn't get to them soon. Happy New Year and CNY (chinese new year) to everyone!


(HakSum means Blackheart, he's calling me a BlackheartedGuy T.T)

Great Merchant - Dao Ming (Chapter 3 - Cursed Child, Beloved Child 3)

Silence fills the air.

The villagers stare at the magnificently dressed father and son pair.

The chief and his eldest son stare at the numerous surviving villagers.

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Volume 3 - Chapter 17 - School Fair

Apologize for the long delay, the reason is pretty obvious, hope y'all had a good holiday! I've been in the hotpot+sukiyaki phase for the last few (cold) days, so I've been... delayed in releasing this chapter. Will see about getting Dao Ming out tomorrow (2/3 done) and answer some of the back and forth in the comments from previous chapters, enjoy o/

Previously on EC…

The demihuman students that went to trade with Sardon returned with traders in tow, in for a quick visit. The traders finished their business at the Academy, deals done for the most part. Bell made Kun help her make a wine-based sorbet. Barthos is got hired by Bell to work on her resort project while Kun went to seek a solution to the unexpected expense of his instructors eating up the Academy’s foundation.