Friday, January 8, 2016

Gdi, I goofed, I goofed hard (and a short message from the author of Dao Ming)

I just realized... I've used the wrong pronunciation for 唐. We know the character as "Tang" cause I'm used to reading the chinese series that we see translated, where mandarin is 100% of it. This is written with cantonese pronunciation, so his name is technically "Tong".

The good news is that this word, should any wordplay come up, is the same regardless of which dialect it's used in, so no problem should arise. Since his name is already established, I'm not sure if I should go back and change it to Tong, or just keep it as Tang. This was a really stupid screw up, I apologize m(_ _)m

On another note, here's a short message from "The Damned Bugger" (until he can decide on a pen name). All the things in bracket is from me xP

Hello hello, I thank you for all the kind messages, it helps! I am get cursed at by HakSumguy a lot due to my puns, but it's just my specialty! Hahaha! If there's any suggestions or something you want to see in the story, just leave a message on the latest chapter posted here or an email to the bastard. I will try to read them once before I send the newest chapter to HakSumguy to TL, he still have 2 chapters left (1 chapter left now, okay!? - Sumguy) to TL, so burn him if he doesn't get to them soon. Happy New Year and CNY (chinese new year) to everyone!


(HakSum means Blackheart, he's calling me a BlackheartedGuy T.T)


  1. It's just 3 chapters, might as well correct them. Oh, btw, ty for translating Dao Ming. Quite enjoyed the storytelling and the wordplays, albeit not as amusing as reading them in Chinese, I presume.

  2. Replies
    1. that would be my old batoto account, why would he take MY old name? o.O


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