Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Volume 2 - Chapter 9 - Trial and Tribulation (Middle)

The fat youth put his right hand on his struck cheek in disbelief while the Captain dismounts. Her emerald-coloured eyes shining brilliantly between narrowed slits, they are further contrasted as her figure is shadowed by the sun at her back.


Fueled by humiliation, fear, anger and a mix of other emotions, Nikolas rushes in with an overhand slash.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New layout once again, if blue and white doesn't work for some of you folks, I give up :P

Volume 2 - Chapter 8 - Trial and Tribulation (Up/First)


Damn it, why do I have to deal with her?

I sigh and mentally grumble while waiting for my aunt to show up at the port terminal. She’s well known for being a pain in the ass. I think that’s why my parents made me go to pick her up instead of sending their chauffeur.

About an hour past the arrival time, she finally shows up with a pair of porters behind her. With her blond hair tied tight into a bun, form-fitting business attire, rectangle spectacles, and a stern, passive expression, she’s the very definition of serious. I wave my hand weakly to catch her attention before walking toward the parked car my parents sent me to pick her up with.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Volume 2 - Chapter 7 - Small Separations

There's only two meals a day for those that live on Amoaltz. This is due to the fewer amount of hours in a day and the unique bio-rhythm of the creatures living on it. The Academy is no exception. A hearty "brunch" is their first meal while a "dinner" will be served at night, with numerous single snack-sized servings of food throughout the day. Due to the sudden population growth within the academy, a cafeteria was constructed to handle the food production necessary to feed the literal army. To alleviate the stress on the kitchen, individuals can sign up for meals at their preferred time within the 3 available time slots -early, normal, late- and the kitchen staff will include their share during preparation. Normally, the schedule is fixed permanently unless there's a request for a change. But tonight is an exception.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Volume 2 - Chapter 6 - Preparations


“Who would have thought we were so close by auntie…?” A man with dog ears sighs as he stands with his hands behind his back, facing a small hill full of zinnia flowers in bloom. A small breeze rustles through the nightscape, carrying the sound of festivity from somewhere nearby.