Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Volume 3 - Chapter 4 - The Value of a Question

Biological signature confirmed for Hector Li, deviation of 3.7% detected, permission granted.

Biological signature confirmed for Alan Tachibana, deviation of 7.8% detected -Warning, potential medical attention might be necessary, your doctor has been notified-, permission granted.

Biological signature confirmed for Xin Yue Harris, deviation of 11.2% detected -Monthly cycle in effect, exception granted for breaching deviation threshold-, permission granted.

Biological signature confirmed Xin Xin Yamashiro, deviation of 4.8% detected, permission granted.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Volume 3 - Chapter 3 - To Advance Further

No, that isn’t right… left hand down, counter clockwise twist, flip into upright…


“Ahahahah! Yo bro, check out that fool that just wasted himself!”
“Shut up.”
“Wait bro, what’s wrong? This isn’t like you, yo!”

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Volume 3 - Chapter 2 - Traumas


Welcome back viewers! Have you logged in today yet?! Leviathan publicly announced their new revolutionary update for Second Phantasia today! This system was apparently in the game a while ago, but only those that bothered toying with the game’s advanced options would’ve discovered it. Sadly, I wasn’t aware of it, if you, my dear viewers, knew of it, please share your experience in our forums, we would LOVE to hear about it from you!

According to the official site, only 1322 players accessed that option during its testing period! No word on how much of that number consists of official testers though… At any rate, the [Martial Mastery] system is based on data collected from various martial art masters from around the world. According to sources within the company, Leviathan spent a fortune to get these masters to work with them, I hope there isn’t going to be any price jump for new units in the near future.

Back to the system, different schools are present within the system, albeit with their name scrubbed out and replaced with a generic alphanumeric naming scheme. Also, the system will automatically recommend a school depending on your avatar body type, your weapon of choice, and even your attack style! Be sure to check it out when you log in!

As usual, check out our portals below to learn more as well as news, analysis and tips. As a special mention, Jeanie, the user that delivered the news about the founding of Missouri and the assassination involved will be joining us officially as an in-game correspondent! Be sure to check her out as she brings you hot in-game news from the center of the continent, OneWingedPegasus signing out!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Volume 3 - Chapter 1 - Poison


The three of them quickly react, Kun and Bell retreating gradually while Rick runs up to Till’s fallen body.

“Don’t move her! Find out what’s wrong first!” The remaining group of vipers hiss coldly at Kun. Signaling with his eyes, Bell dashes off to join Rick as he acts as the rearguard.

“Till? Are you okay?” The girl is unresponsive even though Rick is giving her a light shake. “Um… Umm… what do I do?! The party screen says she’s paralyzed and poisoned!” Rick is panicking as he looks Till up and down. Her eyes are misted over while her mouth opens and closes slightly, trembling.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


I'm at the 7/10 mark, won't be able to finish it today. Will try to finish tomorrow and have it edited and posted on Tuesday at the latest. Too much distractions T.T