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Volume 3 - Chapter 19 - (Title Withheld) (Up)

Previously on EC…

Bell has bought gold from the game company, triggering a response from them to monitor her. Barthos, being an engineer, got dragged into helping her in choosing construction materials, where he’s paid by a percentage of the discount on the materials. Soon after, Bell went to teach a class at the Academy, in which her co-worker observed in the back without her noticing. He questions the AI capability of the game as well as various things, before wanting a lab there, forgetting his original purpose. After being reminded, he got carried into the air and dropped into the Academy ground’s reservoir, starting a new sport.

Elsewhere in Norman, a settlement got attacked by bandits…


“So do you feel any more pain or stiffness?“ Bell reaches for the girl’s joints and gently presses and kneads them one by one, moving them through their entire range of motion.

“Aside from the aches from moving around so much, the original pains are all gone.”

“Hmm… we can probably lower the intensity some more, right Kun?”

“Actually, it might be better to stop having it active all the time and just have her train with the Magic class. The rate of depletion should be about the same, if not more.”

“Hm… Not a bad idea, she’s already attending some of the theoretical classes already, so it should be fine.”

“What do you think, Ms. Eru?”

“It would be lovely.” The girl smiles brightly. “And I think the light has been bothering everyone.”

“Of course not, Your Highness!” The attendants and the captain of the Princess’ Guard snap back all at once.

“Hahaha. Come now, even I was starting to think myself a lantern after so long. Having to wear that ‘sleeping-mask’ every night was troublesome as well!”

“As long as you get better as a result.”

The attendants declare clearly, making her smile once more.

“Just to let you know, once you are all better, we will have to send you to the dorms like the rest of the students.”

“You will do no such thing!” One of the attendants makes an indignant expression, rebuking Kun.

“Yes, they will. These Emissaries are already more than kind in accommodating me thus far, did you not read the Academy rules within the pamphlets? No servants are allowed, status and nobility means absolutely nothing within these grounds.”


“Don’t be so unsightly and ungrateful, it’s very unbecoming.” Illna rebukes while sighing, wondering how these servants became as prideful as some of the Nobles.

“Captain! Your Highness!” A haggard looking, dust drenched woman rushes into the room and gets on one knee, her appearance is almost unrecognizable if it wasn’t for her uniform. She was one of a handful of guards that had returned to Norman to relay the Princess’ command, as well as confirmation of her safety and enrollment at the Academy. Behind her is a trio of demihumans, carrying provisions and bandages, obviously intending to take her away as soon as her task is complete.

“Paulina, calm down! What’s wrong?” Illna is the first to react, walking up to the woman.

“Um…” The guard in question looks left and right, obviously unwilling to speak her words with so many ‘outsiders’ present.

“Speak, we have no secrets that need keeping within these walls.” Eru lifts her left palm upward, indicating for her to stand up first.

The guard bites her lower lip before standing up and replying. “The settlement of Vesperheim was attacked by Aestrum raiders.”

Illna and Eru turn to look at one another, their brows furrowing. “Any casualties?” The captain turns to the kneeling guard immediately.

“We… have none on our side, but there might be some on the Labourer’s side…” The woman’s gaze turns solemn before adding. “Four dozens fought, they managed to form a choke point against 4 to 1 odds and routed the enemies.”

“Why did the Labourers fight? Where was the garrison?” The Princess assumes a calm demeanor, but her expression is ice cold, with anger seething within her eyes. The shame that’s bearing down on her is horrendous, for supposedly mere ‘prisoners’ to be the ones protecting her people, ‘prisoners’ that were supposed to be freed under her decree - as part of the ruling family, it’s an utter disgrace. The same can be said of the garrison which neglected their duties.

“They were called to Lord Maebus’ estate to deter a herd of beasts from approaching.”

“The entire garrison? Maebus don’t have the authority to do that.” The Captain rebuts.

“It’s what the Garrison Commander said the order was.”

Illna looks at the Princess, who closed her eyes in the midst of listening, contemplating. “Your Highness…”

“Go, get yourself taken care of, I will deal with the rest.” The Princess turns to Bell and company. “Please inform Sir Sekn that a conference is requested, I… need to break the news to them.”

Bell, Kun and Isnic look to one another, before they all make their separate ways. The trio of demihumans have grave expressions on their face from the shock, before managing to rouse themselves and escort Paulina away to be treated and fed.

“And that’s the current situation…” The Princess repeated the information that she received to the pair of demihumans sitting before them. “I’ve no excuse, but I promise I will give you a satisfactory response after we solve the current problem.” Her voice remains steadfast and resolute, not the least apologetic as she sits upright at the conference table. The second story room was borrowed from the Academy itself, since her own room isn’t suited for this kind of talk.

Echo seems especially irate at her cold expression after the explanation, he had expected good news that their people would be returning, not to be notified of their uncertain fate due to some humans’ incompetence. His bloodshot eyes and low growls convey the fury he feels, his shoulders twitching every now and then, causing Illna and the attendant to reach for their weapons.

““Stand down!”” The Princess and Sekn command at the same time, causing those on edge to snap back to clarity and backing away from one another. Despite the tension, the leaders must remain cool and level-headed, unnecessary conflict would just hinder their respective interests at this moment.

“Your Ladyship, I hope that you will permit some of my people to enter your territory to escort my people out.”

Normally, for one’s army to travel through another sovereign’s land, one would need to be allies or be connected through special circumstances; treaties, visas, connections and so forth. Such was the case when his unit traveled straight through Sardon, where he relied on Till’s connections to pass through.

Eru hesitates for a moment, allowing another powers’ army into Norman to provide escort would normally cause a stir as it undermines the country’s prestige and power. She has planned to send her guards and army proper to escort the people out, but the current situation has already reached the point that one can rightly question the competence of their army, if something else were to go wrong, the current relations they share via the Immortals might not be able to save them from the fall out. It’s not like the demihumans are after Norman territories, nor do they have any enmity with each other, it would only be a lose-lose situation should she refuse, considering the circumstances.

“Actually, count us in too.” Kun adds in from the side. “The special students and the instructors can provide medical assistance and logistic support.” He had already spoken with Hank earlier after leaving the Princess’ room. This is an excellent opportunity for some of the students from his business side to gain some valuable experience.

“Then I will have the necessary documents to you all after.” Eru nods solemnly. With the Emissaries’ army, even if there’s a situation, the responsibility will be placed on them instead. It might seem cold-hearted, but with the situation as it is, she must prioritize her own Kingdom’s interest, which has already been harmed by this scandalous incident. It’s just a matter of time before the rest of the world know of their army’s failure, and potentially cause the surrounding hostile powers to invade or raid, like the Aestro tribe did.

“Then I will brief you on the current situation.” Illna stands up from the conference table and retrieves a large, specially rolled up piece of vellum, unfurling it on the table. “We are located here, beyond the southern tip of the Norman Kingdom.” She points at a spot on the map at the bottom edge of the map, just beyond the dot marked as Lilyheim. “Vesperheim is here, to the west, just before the Lanski Badlands.” She then glides her finger diagonally to the leftmost edge of the map, closer to the bottom than the center. “I will contact our Navy and have the ships prepared at Lilyheim once we know the exact numbers. We will follow this river here, continue to Lake Prorex and disembark just east of the settlement at Zephyrus Harbour.”

“We will go make our preparations then, we will be ready by tomorrow.” Kun gets up and starts to exit the room, tailed by Bell. Shortly after, Sekn and Echo also get up from the table.

The Princess and her strategist make a blank face before calling out a loud “Wait!”


“Don’t you need a week to prepare?”

Sekn and Kun turns to one another, before turning back to face Illna. “Not unless there’s a reason we don’t know about.”

“Supplies, weapons, armour, spares, rations, although we can go with fewer food, there’s another reason why our Norman Kingdom is known as the ‘Food Garden’, we can get some en route. You can have all those ready by tomorrow?!”

“Isn’t that normal?” Sekn, as the commander of a logistic unit, have always tried to improve their rate of deployment.

“Yeah… I mean, we could be mostly ready by the evening - might have to leave out some of my trainees, but setting out at night seems like a bad idea anyways.”

“How…?” Eru asks in a daze.

“What do you mean how? We just grab the inventory lists and then just haul whatever needs hauling to the transports. These guys’ Cadejos are like trucks - actually, I’d say they are better than trucks, they are pretty smart.”

“Eh… ‘Trucks’…?” This time it is Sekn’s turn to ask a question.


“It’s a self-moving vehicle we have, you can just ignore it, it has no relevance here.” Bell explains after smacking Kun roughly on his shoulder.

“Self-moving…” Echo’s bloodshot eyes are not as red and he seems calmer than before. “Ah, those magic tools huh…” A look of nostalgia creeps onto his face.

“Why? Is there a problem with leaving tomorrow?” Bell tilts her head at the two ladies still sitting at the table, sharing the same complicated look.

“Ah? Oh, no, it’s fine. We will send out orders right away to prepare the transports.” The elf woman answers after a short pause.

“Alright, I will go prepare the supplies and personnel. Need anything Sekn? Echo?”

“A few of those ‘strap carriers’ of yours might come in handy.” Sekn recalls the report he received from the soldiers that went with the student the first time they went near Norman and how it was used.

“Don’t worry, we will bring enough supplies for a full evacuation.” Kun gives the commander a pat before heading out, giving Bell a look as he rubs his probably bruised shoulder as the pair walks off.

“If you will excuse us, Ladies.” Sekn makes a formal salute before heading off with Echo as well, leaving the two women alone in the room.

After a while, Illna gets up from the table, closes the door and casts a quick spell to see if anyone’s nearby, before sitting back down.

“There’s no way they know about the food caches - and they are obviously not going as Light Infantries… How can they deploy so quickly?” Eru murmurs distractedly, trying to understand the difference between them and her own forces.

“I’m more surprised they can organize everything so quickly… ‘inventory lists’? How is it possible they have everything prepared ahead of time?”

“I think we will have to review our kingdom’s forces after we are done dealing with this. It’s a really good thing they are favourable to us… Let’s get to work.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

[T/N: I was slightly confused here since I didn’t get what the fuss was about, so I started poking around and asked some people - end up shooting the shit with them for like 8 hours… wwww xD Apparently, warehousing for supplies were very rudimentary back in the days, depending on which time period and part of the world we are looking at; the reference here is likely the mustering methodology of army organization in medieval fiefdoms. Instead of a standing army with supplies on hand with mobility in mind - ie the roman army pre-Constantine or the later Chinese dynasties, it was done by the Ruler calling his men-at-arms/knights, who in turn bring in their men. All of whom gathers at a staging point, then march out according to a plan - the time period required to “gather” can take from days to weeks to even months in some cases. The required supplies are often taken from whatever was stockpiled at their landholding at the time and from the populace, with individuals responsible for owning their own weapons and their mounts, if they have any. The difference is the labour/cost involved in keeping and maintaining a substantial stockpile outside of a fortress as food were often seasonal and perishable - in short, they can rot. Stock rotation, preservation methodologies, transportation, and fastidious accounting are all necessary to have a stockpile for moving out.
The rear (camp followers is what they called the supply train which included the standard stuff for a medieval army, hunters, whores, professional looters, and baggage carriers to carry that heavy ass tent, etc...) is also essential, hence the mention of the food cache I think? During medieval time, the army would disband/break without adequate support. I think this is why the food cache was mentioned, since being able to forage en route is a pretty big thing. It’s one methodology Napoleon used for, where his troop would go with no supplies and get them on the way - this is also why he got rekted by Russia cause there’s nothing to forage, wwww]

* * * * *

The trainees from the PNF are only enrolled at the Academy as a pilot project, since it is still an unproven program. However, considering the success from Kun’s on-site program, there were notable results from the soldiers who went there over the years - as a result, 328 enlisted soldiers have been allocated to Kun’s virtual course using Second Phantasia. The high ratio of about 3:1 of trainee to instructor may not be efficient, but there’s nothing that can be done about it due to its very nature of being a pilot project in the first place.

“Roll call! Go!” Hank barks out the order as the contacted personnel enter the game and line up on the Academy grounds.

“KM0-0001, Sir!”
“KM0-0002, Sir!”
“KM0-0003, Sir!”

In total, 12 Medics, 67 Grunts, 2 Junior Officers, and 5 Spec-Ops were selected as soon as Kun contacted Hank, who organized the personnel at the special barracks where the consoles were installed. The trainees are divided into two shifts, with a Jr. Officer being responsible for each shift for the time being, allowing them to gain some experience in organizing and commanding the troops. The overall commander is Kun while the vice-commander is Hank, with an additional 18 instructors following along as observers. Until they arrive, one shift will be responsible for carrying the ‘vessels’ of the other shift, forcing them to have to deal with a literal group of ‘casualties’, making it an evacuation exercise.

[E/N: Military casualties are NOT people who have died, but any fighting unit that has been rendered incapable of continuing to fight - covering all possible types of injuries and disabilities.]

With the plan in place, the first shift immediately get into action as the second shift is ordered to log out out of the way on the field. The first Jr. Officer gives out the order for the first shift to divide into 3 groups and form assembly lines after grabbing some carts. Before the sun has even set in the south, they have already completely retrieved all the supplies necessary, with the demihuman students confirming what they have taken. Following that, the ‘vessels’ are placed onto additional carts that will act as ambulance carriages. Kun, who is supervising, intentionally restricts their number of carts, causing some of the logged out trainees to be still laying on the floor. After a short consultation between the medics and the Jr. Officer, it was decided that some of the soldiers will have to carry the soldiers on their backs; just like in war, sometimes what is required isn’t available, the officer in charge might have to make some hard decisions, this is just such a perfect situation to imitate that, without affecting their manpower too greatly until they reach Vesperheim.

By the time they’ve completed their task, it was already time for a shift change. The bodies on the ambulance cart and the ones strapped to the logged out shift’s back raise one by one. With a quick order, the trainees changed place with the now logged out first shift, putting them into the ambulance carriages. With the moon rising, the officer ordered them to make camp and start night watch. Although they are currently within the Academy, the officer takes the task seriously, as it is still part of everyone’s training.

The demihumans likewise prepared quickly, due to their greater strengths and stamina, they would just haul their supplies in a manner of organized chaos. Each soldier would be given a bunch of supplies from the warehouse, bring it infront of the carts, before another group organizes it and then put it into the carts themselves. Echo, seeing the way these human form lines, nods appreciatively, notifying Sekn of this different methodology.

* * * * *


The cawing of the Namakemono Chicken shatters the silent grayness, heralding the deep maroon rays of the rising sun. Within the hour, the expedition is ready to leave, gathered at the large field in front of the main building. At the front is a small group of women, led by Illna. Directly behind them are Kun’s troops; unexpectedly Till is also there riding upon Sammy, who replaces a sulking Bell since she’s too busy to leave the Academy, and some demihuman students from the ‘Messenger’ class. Bringing up the rear is the demihuman troops, containing a quarter of the original battalion that arrived at the Academy.

[T/N: I’m assuming that the students are flying, like part of the first group that went to Lilyheim. It’s very vague in the RAW.]

With Illna preparing the path and leading the way, the group manages to get to Zephyrus Harbour within a week without too much trouble - maybe, just a little. The original battalion is now a small part of a larger army, consisting of some of the troops that Princess Eru commands.


A few of the trainees are puking again before collapsing onto the ground after alighting from the flat bottom rafts, unable to stand up. The others look on with bemused expressions, having never seen anyone suffering from seasickness to such a large degree, on a river no less. The group swiftly transfers the carts and other supplies that were picked up along the route in the strangely quiet harbour. Suddenly…

“Ma’am!” A distraught looking messenger reports to Illna, saluting before getting into a half-kneeling position.

“What’s the matter? And where are the sentries?” She already found it strange that the harbour garrison didn’t send anyone to confirm their arrival.

“Vesperheim, Hellasheim and Tharsis-Ridges are currently under siege, all available troops in the area have gone to relieve the sieges.”

“How come no one contacted me?!” Illna furrows, clearly unhappy.

“The attacks just came early this morning, Ma’am!”

“Who are the attackers?” The Badland tribes are raiders, they had never laid siege to any of Norman’s territories before. The captain’s mind flips and turns, trying to see the whole picture.

“Seems to be a mix of tribal barbarians, mercenaries and slavers, Ma’am!”

“Who’s in charge of the rear?”

“Ma’am, you are.”

The conversation is heard by the rest of the group’s leaders, causing them all to turn toward the elf woman.

“Till, can you and the students fortify this location and act as a temporary headquarters here? Is that alright with you, Illna?”

The woman gratefully nods.

“What can we do to help?” Sekn offers.

“Can your people secure the routes? I will have my people lead you and give you some command medallions. We will need more information.” She turns to the messenger, giving the man a look.

“More messengers should be arriving, assuming they managed to get out.”

“Has word been sent to Olympia?”

“That’s my next stop after contacting you.”

“Very well, may the wind be at your back!”

“Thank you, Ma’am!” The man makes a salute before standing up and heading towards one of the smaller rafts.

“Damn it all!” Illna curses, seething with her fists clenched. “Transmit my order!” Immediately, a group of people runs forth and stands before her. They are part of the army she took over en-route. “The infantries are to secure the paths out west with Sekn’s troops, do not hinder them, let them do what they want! Scouts, prepare teams to check out the situation at the different settlements, do not engage the enemies!”

“““Ma’am!””” The messengers salute, give the demihumans a glance, then rush off in different directions.

“Illna, can I attach some people to the scouts that will be heading out to Vesperheim?” The young man turns away from the Jr. Officer after giving him to the order to stop the medical evacuation exercise and to treat the current situation as a live war exercise.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I intend to lead a team of Spec-Ops, check out the situation and then decide on a plan.”

“Specu-Opsu?” The elf woman tilts her head, repeating the unfamiliar word incorrectly.

“Special Operation troops. These guys aren’t done with their training yet, but they can do a lot of things like infiltration, surveillance and espionage.”

Illna’s eyes narrow a little. “And you can do all that?” She’s making an assumption since he will be the one leading them.

“Kind of? I have a similar skillset from hunting jaguars, grizzlies, and other things.” Kun scratches his ears slightly, keenly aware that he himself isn’t spec-op material since he isn’t familiar with urban settings.

“Jag- what are those?”

“Umm… ’Mountain Lions’ and ‘Bears’?”

[T/N: Jaguar and Grizzlies were in kata, Mountain Lion and Bear were in kanji.]

“… Your Lordship.” The elf woman bows slightly in respect, mistaking his embarrassment for modesty. “Transmit an order!” Immediately, another messenger appears quickly. “Lord Kun will be in charge of the Vesperheim expedition until I say otherwise, the commander will advise him!”

“Ma’am!” The messenger salutes and runs off.

“Eh… I don’t need command, just leading my team will be enough.”

“Don’t worry about it, you can leave it to the commander if you need to take independent action, this will just make it easier.”

“Alright.” Kun gives a nod before heading to the carts to pick up some supplies and give instructions to various people.

Till descends from the treetops with the students in tow, picking up some rope before heading up once more, turning quite a few heads. “Kun-ni~~ I sent a message to Bell-ne and Niji~ They will be sending us some reinforcements, is there anything we need?”

Kun holds his hand up to the people in front of him and places his right hand on his ear, responding to the PM. “Yeah, can you get them to bring some hollow blocks filled with oil? Also a still and wine.”


Within the hour, Kun leads the first expedition out toward Vesperheim, guided by the scouts. Leaving the busy bee-hive that is Zephyrus Harbour.


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