Thursday, January 22, 2015

Finally done with that Ossan manga chapter, will hand it off to creed and /ak/ or whoever it is for them to typeset and stick the texts in.  Will try to finish the next EC chapter for the weekend (about 1/3 done now, but I will have to unconscious quite a bit the next few days xP)


  1. Thanks for your hard work.
    Please take your time and enjoy your weekend, but feel free to translate the chapter if you feel like it.
    I'm sure no one will complain if you do decide to finish it and release it.

  2. I would like to say this, the next chapter is already out. Question, isn't EC a chinese novel? You also have skill in japanese translation?

    1. Yeah, I already read the next chapter, I feel sorry for whoever is doing the translation. It's good to see some ancient stuff get resurrected (no spoilers, so you'll have to wait for whoever's doing the TL or read it on your own). The last manga chapter was 2k+ wordwise, the newest chapter is ~3k words.

      Not sure if I can complete EC chapter this weekend, will try to finish it today, been knocked out a bit due to meds. And EC was done by 1 nip writers with 2 chink writers (that were learning the japanese, the language). The language is japanese since chinese doesn't have hiragana and katakana, but a lot of it is written in kanji. I can TL a quite a bit in both japanese and chinese, but I need a dictionary in most cases (japanese tend to use kanji-hiragana hybrid that brings out a different meaning than straight up kanji. So if I have to classify it, I'd say EC is strictly japanese with heavy chinese influence. There's only a few instances where the chinese idioms used will clash, where as the more obscure japanese stuff confuses the shit out of me. The bluebird thing, apparent the nip author's region have a belief that a bird circling a house is an omen for "visitors" (not limited to just the living). A blackbird = someone's dead and their soul's coming for a visitor/lingering, a redbird = a fire spirit/youkai is visiting and the place is likely gonna burn down, a blue/green (Ao) bird visiting = official/grand visit, yellowbird = a celebratory spirit/youkai is coming for a visit, etc...

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    3. No no, blue bird circling around the house signaling great and honoured guests are coming. it's an old chinese expression.
      IIRC, it's started from an ancient document about Han dynasty, or Tang. After that, it spread all over the place, even exported into Chinese neighbouring countries. I dont know about other countries, but in Vietnam, highschool, literature class, in one session about Chinese poems, we read about that expression.
      If you say it's the Nip believing it, instead of the chinks, it mean the Nip writer got a good classical education, and the Chink writers just forget theirs.

    4. The chinese expression is actually slightly different as it isn't the bluebird flying overhead as the bluebird in the classical text have the bluebird visit the king on behalf of the western sage queen (rough TL from taoism belief). That's why I was confused by its meaning and asked for clarification from the source. As you can see in this case (previous reply), it's actually a local reference, cause it will crop up again later iirc.

  3. Just wanted you to know that we miss you.
    Seriously, I look forward to this story, so Just letting you know, at least one eager fan is eagerly awaiting the installment :)

    thanks for your hard work by the way, you are appreciated!


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