Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Random stuff, minor fix for the last chapter, thanks muerto!

Wow, been almost 6 months. Yeah... I haven't been doing so good, body is failing, kinda. Couldn't walk for a while, couldn't sleep before and a bunch of other irl shit. There's also the fraud case I had to look into, so I didn't have the motivation to do any translation. Dao Ming, a friend of my niece is gonna try and help me translate, so I MIGHT be a checker (yay) with a faster release, the two of them are waaaay ahead of me, I'll have to check their translation quality first though. My apologies to everyone, but yeah... Not feeling well, meds aren't helping either since I'm opiate resistant, as in they don't really work on me aside from making me drowsy which I really, really don't like. There's some more meds that should help, but I can't take them cause there's complication that I will have to see a different specialist for next year. So... yeah.

Anyhow, I'll try to post more, but no promises since life haven't been good and I'm feeling tired all the time from one of the meds I'm taking (sleeping 3x what I used to do normally, but still feel tired as fuck, and it's supposedly what's call "normal amouth of sleep", so yeah). Tried to get someone I know irl to take over EC, but that didn't go too well when I went through the RAW manuscript with him, there were too many amateur mistakes (like with the newest character as of this post) and there are some sciencey-ish stuff that whooshed over him, not to mention not having access to some other stuff. He felt he wouldn't do it well, I'll see if I can get someone else to help me irl. Also tried doing the voice-to-text route, that didn't work out all that well, ended up redoing this from scratch after doing that twice :P

Happy turkeyslaying day to you fellow Americans, please don't accidentally slaughter your neighbours, or not, up to you. Enjoy. o7


  1. Yay!! Welcome back!! I'm happy that Dao Ming might get faster release!

  2. "sleeping 3x normal, but still tired"

    Have you considered checking for sleep apnea? Lack of oxygen while sleeping can do that.


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