Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm not dead

Just an update, I'm not dead, just really don't feel like doing anything with the retarded heat in my room and being tired from dealing with death, disease and shit, translating stuff dealing with that can really drain you. Doesn't help that Dragons and Dungeons 5e as well as Overwatch taking up my night time hours as my relax time :P Things should be better once I don't have to deal with the stupid daystar ray of annihilation (tm), until then, hold tight o7


  1. Glad to hear that you are still alive and mostly well.
    Take as much time as you want/need, we'll wait (im)patiently.

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeh........

  3. Breathe you magnificent bastard!

  4. What about now? Can we start divvying your stuff up now?

  5. Dear someguyoranother, your great translation is one of the few novels I re-read, I understand how much death of somebody who is close to you can make you feel like life is just shit, in wich isn't worth doing anything. Makes people question, why do anything, makes you question ur values or even make your hobbies feel simply empty. Especially if it's somebody young, ambitious and friendly (my older cousin died so I really understand how depresing it is). So I won't ask for u to translate atm , but please take your time, think (it helps), and try to enjoy life (I know it will be hard). And after finally feeling better pls trans a bit.

    Your humble leecher, who shall wait and believe in u being able to overcome this.
    And please post a reply I would like to be sure that u still aren't dead.

  6. Nope, we must believe in him and faithfully wait for his comeback

    Humble leecher's out


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