Monday, March 28, 2016

Chapter now editted

15+ hours in editing, it's finally done. There were a bunch of discussions between me and Ishman, since parts of the actions were vague.

Random shit that that came up was/rambling/rants.
1) The Normans are backward hicks, the only reason they can still rule anything is cause no one else can beat them in the jungle it seems. Also seems to exhibit some xenophobic tendencies in its soldiers.

2) Fighting in jungle must be absolute hell, the heat, the humidity, the uneven terrain (I hike through one when I was in malaysia, was still hard even though it was at a time when I was fit as hell). Add in the plants and everything in it being able to rip your to shit, I don't envy these poor bastards that fight in it.

3) The zipline predecessor prototype thing didn't make sense in engineering terms (the original would have it snagged like a bitch), we had to rewrite that part for it to make sense while keeping the DIY with scraps feeling. I call it a predecessor cause it's literally just a guide line where you launch the bloody thing using gravity and momentum, kinda like wired guided torpedoes back in the 18/19th century. I think with a pulley system added to it, it would be a fullblown zipline system.

4) Eye socket strike vs temple strike
During the battle, Kun landed an eye socket strike. The raw wasn't explicit, just saying what happened. This leads to speculation between me and Ishman. Ishman says that he's prefer a temple strike since it's just inches apart, indicating a side swipe with the rod. So in this case, Kun fucked up.
In my case, I think Kun swung the rod overhand by hiding the rod behind his back when he swung the sword, so the rod comes down on the socket, hitting the bottom part. Both scenario works, so idk.

5) Kun not using magic to fuck shit up.
Using the battle as a fullblown training. The flaming debris didn't come down as a spell, but from his whistling, so probably he has his guys up in the treed setting off traps or actually sit up there throwing shit down.

6) Kun has PTSD, and Gui is a fucking true bro.

We also talked about other stuff, but can't remember it all, it has been a LONG edit. Now I can say, enjoy (fuck ton of mistakes in the old version T.T)

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