Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Apologies, I've been a little busy the past week. With the blog interface acting weird (things getting moved around, edits not getting saved, etc...), chatango being DDoS'ed and working on something else, I haven't been able to update a lot of stuff. Will make time for it this weekend to update the LN list and hopefully get the recommendation list up and running. Mouse over didn't play nice with some of the other features, so I MUST be doing something wrong (the Mouse-overs will replace [T/N] and [ED] for a more seamless experience). Mobile might get a facelift too seeing as mobile users are the second biggest readership.

With that out of the way, hope you all have a happy holiday. For those that don't celebrate any, have fun with whatever it's that you do (just... don't touch that yellow snow, don't say I didn't work you!)

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