Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Polls

New poll's up at the bottom of the page (scroll down, wwwaaaayyyyy down), please fill it in as I will use that as reference going forward (I might change the older ones for the Kindle edition).  I will be posting a new chapter later today or tomorrow, these two chapters are slightly shorter then I tried to do them both last week, but the naming slowed me down.


  1. Can you make a site like this gfor the other novels?
    This format works great.

    1. You will have to ask the leaders of those projects. I'm only responsible for this one and I occasionally help them out. As such, I don't have a say in their decision and I will always respect the wishes of the rights holder. These group has the rights to their derived work, so only they can decide (I don't mind helping them set up a similar site should they want one though)


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